Less work for the same amount of money

You go to the site, take notes and pictures. Then head to the office to write your report and add pictures. Work has already been done, but there’s still pile of reports to fill. Say no more!

Make your day-to-day work easier and speed up your reporting

Document at the site and make final notes with computer if needed. You can take pictures, write or dictate notes and receive a full report by one click with Kotopro. No more paperwork, sorting out pictures or revisiting the site! This way you need less working hours to earn exactly the same amount of payment.

Satisfied customers with fast service

You can send the PDF-report to the client from the site or share the real-time view with Kotopro. Your billing cycle will speed up which improves the cash flow.

Addition to the fast delivery, reports created with Kotopro have always good and professional quality. Clients are satisfied and you will have plenty of extra time for everything else.

Try out Kotopro

Inspection, survey and control reports with photos – easy and fast

Kotopro is a cross-industry mobile documentation solution which revolutionize the creation of predetermined reports and documents. With Kotopro you can create, authorize and share variety of different reports with anyone you want.

Benefits and features

  • Easy introduction and usage
  • Over 70 different document forms for various purposes
  • Easily and quickly editable document forms
  • Creating, sharing and conserving reports with photos
  • Dictate from speech to text
  • Secure sharing of documents
  • Works on every device due to the cloud based service
  • E-signature

Meeting the various needs of technical consulting


  • Wet unit inspection reports
  • General control memos
  • Fire safety assessments
  • Model muster

Condition inspection

  • Pre-purchase property inspections
  • Property condition assessments
  • Asbestos inspections
  • Investigation reports

Construction Foreman

  • Foremans’ inspection documents
  • Pre-handover sorted by subcontractors and sites
  • Installation minutes
  • Degrees of readiness

“Before Kotopro our documentation wasn’t organized in any way. Now all parties document visual waybills, airtightness measurements and all the other reports with Kotopro, which sorts dates in chronological order and makes the documents easily accessible by the client – in real time. There’s no need to collect reports afterwards, as they are created effortlessly during day-to-day work. This has given us competitive advantage and our clients have been more than pleased.”

– Tatu Kiviniemi, Chief Executive Officer, Caiwell Oy

Do you want to make your reporting easier and faster?

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