A new, faster way of gathering information on-site

Create shareable documents quickly and easily on-the-go with Kotopro.

Complete reports on-site

Forget pen and paper! Kotopro enables you to create documents on-site using your mobile device.

With accurate, online documentation, your business can reduce mistakes, avoid reclamations and improve overall productivity.

If you’re visiting a project or property, ditch the clipboards and notepads. All you need is your mobile device and Kotopro, and you can fill out paperwork as you go.

Kotopro is easy to use and your data stays safe in the cloud.

Write, dictate, snap, or record

Writing documents in construction or real estate used to be time-consuming.

But with advanced software from Kotopro, you can create reports while you work.

Instead of notetaking, simply dictate speech to text. Take as many photos or videos as you like and add them to documents in a few clicks.

Inserting photos from your mobile, tablet, or computer is easy. Simply upload a file to Kotopro from your device and add it where you want it.

With faster ways to manage paperwork, reporting delays are a thing of the past!

Share and monitor progress in real-time

Traveling back to base to digitize notes, email photos, or send reports is tedious and unnecessary.

Sharing documents with Kotopro is remarkably faster, helping you get the job done quicker.

You can share documents with employees, sub-contractors, or any other person with access to Kotopro. Choose whether they have read-only access to reports or give them editing rights.

Each time you share, timestamps are automatically created. You’ll always have evidence that paperwork was delivered on time.

When collaborating on reports, you can choose to be notified if someone edits a project or report. If someone hasn’t inputted information, simply send them a notice to follow up.

Features of Kotopro

Export and print PDFs

Kotopro documents are always available as print-ready PDF files. You can handle documentation on-site, add electronic signatures, and create a printable report with a single click.

Mark faults on floor plans

Digital floor plans enable you to mark all faults directly and assign them to the right contractor for action. When annotating floor plans, you can write or dictate notes, add photos, or upload videos. With Kotopro, you can communicate and monitor progress remotely, in real-time.

Connect with other systems

You can use Kotopro alongside your other applications. Kotopro API enables you to integrate documents with your existing systems.

Use ready-made folders and templates

Kotopro comes with automatically installed folder structures and ready-to-use templates. All templates have instructions, making it easy for employees and contractors to file reports properly. Because folder hierarchies are pre-set, your documents are automatically filed correctly, keeping things accurate and tidy.

Keep people safe at work

Improve safety at work through quick, effective reporting. Online construction diaries are easy to fill out, with prompts to ensure all steps are completed. When ready, they can be sent for approval with one click. Audit trails are instantly available, so you can track what happened, and when. With predefined metrics, monitoring site safety is made easy.

  • On-site data collection
  • Print PDFs
  • Image, video, and document sharing
  • Floor plan editor
  • Template editor
  • Dashboards
  • Electronic signatures
  • API integrations
  • Preset folder templates
  • Preset document templates
  • Compilations
  • Predefined metrics (such as TR or MVR)
  • Construction site diary
  • Autosave
  • Alerts and notifications

Why choose Kotopro?

Make everyday easier

Say goodbye to paperwork headaches! With Kotopro, you can write reports quickly on-the-go. Draft your reports easily in-app or use dictation. When you’re finished, sharing is easy. Send them digitally to your colleagues or press print straight from the app.

Work smarter

Wasting time with document control? Managing your paperwork can take hours. But not with Kotopro! You can work faster without compromising on quality. With our software, you’ll feel twice as productive every day.

Reduce mistakes

No one likes making mistakes. Arguments and reclamations are often caused by poor documentation. Because Kotopro has built-in checklists and an easy-to-follow process, we help you maintain accurate records. With strong documentation, you’ll make fewer mistakes and have less disputes.

Communicate effortlessly

Productivity starts with good communication. Kotopro allows you to easily communicate with all necessary parties. When working with subcontractors, you can accept, assign, and manage work with ease. Our tools make communication effortless, no matter how many people are involved.

On-site documentation has never been easier!

More than a thousand companies create and manage their site documentation digitally and efficiently with Kotopro.