Speech to text
Take photos or video
Cloud-based service
Works on all devices
Ready-made report templates
Sign digitally
Speech to text
Take photos or video
Cloud-based service
Works on all devices
Ready-made report templates
Sign digitally

Interactivity and sharing

User management

The administrator can give usage or view access to the entire document library or a specific part of it. Access can be limited by time.

Authorize subcontractors

Subcontractors can be authorized to fill reports, which can also be set as a condition for the payment of the job. For each entry, there’s a timestamp, which makes it easy to recognize the user.

'Follow' feature and notifications

By following the document, the user will be notified via email when it has been edited. Collaborators can also be notified if there’s additional information needed from them.

Use and project management

Instructive report templates

Report template functions as a working instruction for both employees and subcontractors. Pre-made documents ensure that all phases are covered step by step.

Markup photos and add location information

You can highlight observations by marking up photos. All photos’ locations will also be automatically placed on the map.

Cloud-based service works on all devices

Kotopro runs on all devices that have internet access. There’s no need to download apps or updates, as it runs on the browser with always the latest version.

Adding media to documents

Take photos or video

Photos or videos captured by a mobile device will be automatically uploaded in the right spot of the document. Files can also be added from a computer.

Dictate speech to text

You can add text by speaking while pressing the microphone icon and dictating speech to text directly. Typos can be easily fixed manually afterward.

Export to PDF

You can easily save all documents as printable PDF files with your own company logo.


GDPR proof handling of personal information

Kotopro meets the requirements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, and all demanded documents regarding personal information or data usage are available.

User management and identification

Users are identified with email and password. Each company has its own operating environment, and each user will be granted a certain access level.

Backups and logs

Kotopro saves usage logs and user analytics. All saved information is backed up regularly. Document versions are saved automatically in a structured data model where they can easily be found later.

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