Work smarter with an easy-to-use tool for on-site documentation

With Kotopro, you can simplify on-site reporting, avoid time-consuming routines, and save money in your construction or property management business.

Why choose Kotopro?

Make everyday easier

Say goodbye to paperwork headaches! With Kotopro, you can write reports quickly on-the-go. Draft your reports easily in-app or use dictation. When you’re finished, sharing is easy. Send them digitally to your colleagues or press print straight from the app.

Work smarter

Wasting time with document control? Managing your paperwork can take hours. But not with Kotopro! You can work faster without compromising on quality. With our software, you’ll feel twice as productive every day.

Reduce mistakes

No one likes making mistakes. Arguments and reclamations are often caused by poor documentation. Because Kotopro has built-in checklists and an easy-to-follow process, we help you maintain accurate records. With strong documentation, you’ll make fewer mistakes and have less disputes.

Communicate effortlessly

Productivity starts with good communication. Kotopro allows you to easily communicate with all necessary parties. When working with subcontractors, you can accept, assign, and manage work with ease. Our tools make communication effortless, no matter how many people are involved.

Who is it for?

Kotopro is designed for construction and property management companies of all sizes. Choose the right solution for your industry with our ready-made packages.

Industries we work with:

  • Construction: General contracting, civil engineering, roofing, and electrical contracting
  • HVAC: Contracting, site safety, supervision, and home construction
  • Property management: Technical consulting, maintenance, and cleaning services
  • Real estate
  • Manufacturing


Manage documents on-the-go

Create reports as you work. Gather the information you need on-site and attach it on-the-go using your mobile device.

Print reports with one touch

Print PDF reports whenever, wherever. With Kotopro, it’s easy to print documents at the touch of a button.

Share with everyone

Keeping subcontractors in the loop has never been simpler. Sharing documents easily and securely improves transparency and communication with all stakeholders.

Integrate systems

Kotopro API enables you to connect documents and information to your other systems in real-time.

Add notes directly to floor plans

You can mark all faults, defects, and instructions directly into a digital floor plan and share them with the right contractor. Communicate and monitor each entry in real-time and manage the progress remotely.

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For construction and property management companies of all sizes

Start enjoying the benefits of Kotopro today

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